Although saxophone isn't among often used instruments in classical music, it is for sure, due to its sonority, very interesting partner to its older "colleagues". Rediscovering already examined and examine not discovered is in this context our main idea.

As Lento Ad Astra ensemble we came into existence in June 2011 when we decided to utilize our musical experience and to try together to realize few concerts. At first we concentrated on classical alto saxophone repertoire, resp. transcriptions for this instrument. However, progressively we started to focus on literature for baritone saxophone.

Whether Johan Sebastian Bach's cello preludes transcriptions or original compositions, we try to captivate by our own contribution and examination of new possibilities. Our chamber music ensemble brings new concept and vividness in keeping high interpretation quality. Its space gets also improvisation and stylish arrangement and adaptation of compositions for the need of the ensemble.

Our ensemble recorded in August 2013 profile CD "Playing Šach with Mr. Bach". On behalf of the ensemble we asked contemporary Slovak compositors – Ľuboš Bernáth, Viliam Gräffinger and Pavol Šuška, to write, resp. arrange Johan Sebastian Bach's heritage. For collaboration on the album we choosed cellist Boris Bohó and singer Eva Šušková. As an ensemble we strive for new view on interpretation possibilities and on their performances they collaborate with various guests.

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