Playing „Šach“ with Mr. Bach

Johan Sebastian Bach was one of the greatest musicians and composers in European history. We tried to reflect his message and bring it over to our age. This project is a confrontation between Bach ́s music and our philospophy and attitude to his work. We cooperated with contemporary Slovak composers and invited for recording session singer Eva Šušková and cello player Boris Bohó. The result are Bach ́s compositions, transcriptions and author ́s compositiones which we tried to bring in one musical unit to celebate his inmortal work.

French Impressions

Saxophone was invited by Belgian musician Adolphe Sax in the early 1840 ́s. A big part of his life he spent in France, which can we consider as a birth palce of classical saxophone. This program is based on work from French classical composer for and also some transcriptions from work which our band incorporated in our repertoire. We had always tried to find a way to create something new which would reflect our musical taste and philosophie. Suite Bergamesque from Claude Debussy is a beautifull piece and a perfect composition where can we try find some new ways and possibilities. Our program also incorporates works from young contemporary Slovak composers.